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Smith Center for Healing and the Arts

The Artist in Residence Program (AIR) reflects the belief that the creative spirit can be found in all of us and can be especially helpful when the human spirit is in need. The Artists in Residence Program trains and supervises local visual, literary and performing artists who work directly with patients, caregivers and clinicians to create opportunities for stress reduction, self-awareness and self-expression in the Institute’s outpatient infusion, radiation, and waiting areas.

The program trains and supports local artists to guide patients, caregivers and clinicians to participate in arts-based activities that lead to stress reduction, self-awareness and self-expression. Patients and caregivers who participate often express great relief from pain and anxiety associated with their illness and are grateful for an opportunity to discover and explore what they can do.

The Arts and Healing Program is integral to Inova Schar’s mission to promote healing and wellness with a focus on the following values:

● Create and maintain a patient-first experience
● Provide a beautiful and therapeutic environment
● Integrate the arts throughout the patient experience
● Enrich the conditions for healing
● Energize, inspire and enliven patients, visitors, staff and community Inova Schar is a state-of-the-art cancer center designed to bring healing and hope to every patient and provide unmatched logistical, clinical and emotional support. Smith Center is a leading non-profit provider of arts and health services focused on cancer in the Washington, DC metro area for the past 23 years.

Brandi Rose – Artist in Residence Program Manager, [email protected]
Lisa Simms Booth – Executive Director, Smith Center for Healing and the Arts [email protected]