“Since I was lucky enough to be treated in the brand new Schar Cancer Center, I imagine I was in the best and most comfortable chemo facility in the country. I especially appreciated all of the gorgeous artwork, and the arts program with activities in the halls and lobby – both were very uplifting during a difficult time.”
– Radiation Oncology Patient

“The Artists in Residence are great for both patients and staff alike. Whenever the harpist comes, my blood pressure drops 20 points.”

– ISCI Staff Member

“I count my blessings each and every day that I see them. They truly enjoy what they are doing and they really care about the patients.”

– Patient Experience at ISCI

“The Holiday concert in the café was awesome! I wish they can do this more times during the year.”

– ISCI Staff Member

Best of all were 2 volunteers — Monica and Gary. Gary tells stories; Monica does crafts. I can only imagine the welcome distraction they provide to cancer patients. Kudos to them!
– Patient Experience at ISCI

“Love all of the extras that you have here at Schar. They make the visits so much more relaxing. Wonderful distraction.”

– Patient Experience at ISCI

“You can really see the difference they make in the patient’s visit. They really care and they know how to show it.”
– Maragaret Pugh, Director of Infusion

“Such a beautiful experience to have this wonderful, gracious skilled musician share her talent of the harp during my chemo treatment. It lifted my spirits and gave me peace. Thank you”
– Patient Experience on 9th floor Infusion ISCI

“This is a beautiful facility. I especially love the mosaics and the artwork – I’d enjoy coming here if it weren’t to have my treatments. The drink stations are a wonderful thing. I really appreciate the cafeteria – the food is affordable and really good. Also the gift shop is fantastic. And there are the little joyful things – there was a lady writing free poetry on demand my first day here, when I got my diagnosis. I was too upset that day, but I hope to see her again and ask her for a poem.”
– Patient Experience at ISCI